WARC Rankings

Lessons from the Effective 100

What lessons can we learn from the world's top campaigns and companies for effectiveness?

Find out in this new report, which analyses the world's top effectiveness campaigns to uncover shared creative, media and measurement strategies, and brings together insights and opinion from industry experts.

Its basis is the WARC Effective 100, an annual ranking of campaigns based on their performance in effectiveness competitions from around the world.

Download a sample of the report to discover:

  • The top 10 campaigns, agencies, holding companies, advertisers and countries for effectiveness 
  • An essay by Faris Yakob, Founder of Genius Steals, on how brands are innovating in the face of increasing advertising volumes and decreasing consumer trust
  • Case studies on The Impact of Fearless Girl and Google Home of the Whopper
  • Data showing effectiveness in the use of emotion


WARC Rankings identifies the most awarded and applauded ideas in the world and their creators. More information about WARC Rankings here.



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