June 2019

Global Ad Trends

The social slowdown

Want a way to stay up to speed on what is happening in the dynamic media marketplace? WARC Data brings you monthly reports with media analysis, media intelligence, and the latest facts and figures on the global ad market. In this edition, the focus is the social slowdown.

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  • 26.2% rise in social and messaging adspend in Q1 2019, to $17.9bn worldwide
  • 42.1% proportion of consumers that trust influencers’ opinions on products and services 
  • 50.0% share of consumers who believe social media and tech companies have too much power
  • 70.0% US consumers who do not trust information from social media sites
  • 71.1% respondents citing security as their greatest concern in regard to social shopping
  • 95.5% new daily users joining Facebook from outside of North America


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