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Television in the US

US television advertising spend is on track to be worth $61 billion this year—the lowest level since 2011. With TV adspend and consumption on the decline, how much will the Summer Olympics and the 2020 presidential election affect the total US ad market and return TV's growth? 

Download WARC Data's newest US-focused report with charts on:
  • Online display ad spend rising to overtake TV in 2019
  • Traditional TV consumption’s decline since 2013, at the same time as online watching shows strong growth
  • American teens shunning TV for the likes of YouTube, Netflix and more
  • How the three largest product verticals have cut their spend on TV
  • ...and more!


Legacy players are only just responding, with Disney+ launching to technical issues on Tuesday and NBC’s Peacock and HBO Max expected in April and May next year. As most viewers only want to pay for two or three services, competition will be fierce in a space where Netflix already holds a commanding lead."

— Robert Clapp, Data Analyst, WARC

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