How to Balance your Brand Communication Plans

Thursday, October 17
10:30 am EDT / 3:30 pm BST

Presented by:
Faris Yakob, Co-Founder & Principal at Genius Steals

Strategic communications planning considers a number of things—context, channel effects, historical profitability, and numerous other criteria beyond target audience, cost, reach and frequency when developing a communication and investment plan.

But what's the impact when advertising appears in channels that make people feel bad, or alongside unsafe content?

Genius Steals will introduce the media planning pyramid, built from research that factors in reported psychological well-being of the audience as well as brand impact, as a tool to help balance plans. 

During the webinar attendees will learn:

  • How brands should behave in an environment where consumers are more mindful of how and what they consume
  • How marketing spend currently gets divided and what opportunities exist
  • The shape of a balanced media plan across short and long-term objectives

Join us on October 17 at 10:30 am EDT / 3:30 pm BST!

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