Lessons from the 2019 WARC Adwards

Effective Innovation Report

Innovation trends for effective marketing 

Key themes from some of the world’s most original marketing thinking.

Every year, we launch a global search for next-generation marketing effectiveness with the WARC Awards programme. 

The Effective Innovation category showcases ideas that have transformed a business or disrupted category conventions and delivered results. This report shares insights and analysis drawn from 2019's winning campaigns.

Key themes:
  • Effective innovators need real human insights
  • Personalisation transforms innovative communications
  • Voice becoming more integrated
This sample of the full report includes:
  • Commentary from judge Jem Fawcus (CEO, Firefish) on the importance of humanity's role in tech
  • Case summary of Netsafe New Zealand's winning 'Re:Scam - the World's Most Unhelpful Chatbot'
  • Executive summary of findings and what these mean for you as a brand, media owner or agency.
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There’s a shift away from marketing via algorithm towards real human insights that can power effective communications, as well as desirable products and services for consumers that offer genuine convenience and solve problems.”

— Lucy Aitken, Managing Editor, Case Studies, WARC

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