[Webinar Recording] Brand Relatability x Financial Services: How to Win with GenZ and Millennials

Presented by:

Ryan Arshad, Managing Director, BrandCap US

As Millennials and Gen Z approach their prime earning, spending, and borrowing years, these two cohorts represent profound growth opportunities for the sector. To that end, BrandCap recently completed a study among 1,000 consumers, age 18-36 in the U.S., analyzing how well they connect to insurgent vs. incumbent financial services brands. Interestingly, the study reveals that the mindset of Millennials and Gen Z is at odds with traditional financial brands and their (perceived!) business models.

Watch the recording to learn: 

  • The core drivers of building ‘brand relatability’ vs brand relevancy
  • Why and how the mindset of Millennials and Gen Z differs when it comes financial brand consideration
  • Where opportunities exist to connect with Gen Z on an emotional level
  • How relatable insurgent financial services brands (aka fintech brands) are versus established incumbents – and what it will take to win with both Gen Z and Millennial consumers

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