Webinar Recording: Five Ways Generation Z Will Change Brand Storytelling

Presented by:
Mia von Sadovszky
, SVP, Group Strategic Planning Director, RPA
Jess Watts, Associate Strategic Planning Director, RPA

A year-long, multifaceted research project conducted by RPA uncovered core Gen Z attitudes and behaviors that are already reshaping how brands go to market.

Through a mix of research insights, cultural reference points and brand examples, Mia von Sadovszky, SVP, Group Strategic Planning Director and Jess Watts, Associate Strategic Planning Director at RPA take listeners through an entertaining, yet actionable discussion of the best ways to reach Gen Z consumers.

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  • How to leverage Gen Z’s focus on building their own personal brands as a way to market your own brand
  • Why Gen Z looks to brands to take social and political stands, and how a brand’s social purpose is core to appealing to Gen Z
  • How Gen Z’s embrace of all things artificial—from AI “influencers” to Unicorn Frappuccinos—is redefining what it means for a brand to be “authentic”

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