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Local, global or glocal?

The discipline of brand governance has somewhat of a low profile in the marketing industry but the role it plays to grow your brand should not be underestimated.

In partnership with Frontify, WARC have published this report to drill deeper into the topic of global and local brand governance. By learning more about the challenges and opportunities that exist for global brands and their agencies today, we can share some of the forward thinking examples of successful brand governance.

In this report we cover:

  • Global brand governance: Why now? - Why has this topic risen to the top of the agenda at this moment for global marketers and international agency networks?
  • Global brand: The theory - Three frameworks for organising global brands, conditions for adoption and the pros and cons of each.
  • In practice - How brand governance works in real life given the complexities, the challenges, the cultural differences and the people.
  • Preparing for the future - Three trends identified by our contributors, and how technology can help to navigate them.

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