Global Ad Trends: 

COVID-19 One Year On

A review of the lasting impact on media habits

The media disruption from COVID-19 was unprecedented.

In this month's Global Ad Trends report we found that consumption surged and advertising spend followed, with these trends likely to be amplified in 2021. A greater focus on agility, innovation and effectiveness is the main lesson for marketers in the long term.

The full report breaks down the growth in e-commerce, online video, social media, and gaming and esports. 

Key findings include:
  • $900bn more was spent at online retailers globally last year.
  • 75% of the online grocery shift in 2020 will be permanent.
  • TikTok user activity doubled, outpacing competitors. 
  • TV delivers the most favourable advertising, with 34% of consumers saying it is ‘entertaining’ and 30% describing it as ‘informative’.
  • 53% of consumers say an excessive number of ads negatively impacts their view of the brand.


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