Global Ad Trends: Next Gen TV

How viewing has evolved and how brands are reacting.

The linear TV ad market is eroding at a time when the value of the AVOD market is set to double to $53.5bn over the next five years – audiences are opting for streaming over linear viewing and brands are having to adapt.

Smart and connected TVs are ensuring that the big screen remains at the centre of the household, however. Two in five consumers now have a next gen TV and 75% of all streamed video time was via a TV set last year.

These devices offer practitioners the potential to combine TV’s reach with digital’s targeting to ensure that the right message is seen by the right person at the right time, but ad fraud poses a very real and present threat in the buying ecosystem.

Key findings include:

  • $47bn – Fall in linear TV adspend over last five years.
  • $39bn – Rise in online video adspend over last five years.
  • 660bn fewer linear TV impressions since 2016/17
  • 75% – Television's share of all video streaming time worldwide.

Also included within this edition of Global Ad Trends is a landmark study of almost 16m ads aired on Australian TV between September 2019 and December 2020 monitored by Adgile, a next generation Total TV data and analytics solution. Ads were recorded in real time using Adgile’s patented visual recognition technology, and the data supplied to WARC for bespoke analysis.


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