The Marketers Toolkit 2023 - Your guide to focus, survive and thrive - Global trends report

Your guide to focus, survive & thrive

The world order as we know it is changing. Rising energy prices, inflation and the cost of living have impacted many of us globally. So, how do you navigate such times?

The Marketer’s Toolkit 2023 is your guide to focus, survive and thrive. It includes a series of reports aimed at helping you identify and focus on key areas of industry disruption, determine the most effective strategies, and benefit from arising opportunities. 

The Global Trends Report is the first report as part of this year's Marketer’s Toolkit, aimed at providing marketers with a set of planning and decision-making tools for the year ahead. It identifies five key trends that will disrupt existing global marketing practices, and offers insights to help turn these disruptive areas into opportunities for growth.

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