The Future of Media 2024

Part of the WARC’s Evolution of Marketing programme, The Future of Media highlights trends in media planning, advertising investments and the media ecosystem. The insights are based on exclusive data from WARC Media and findings from various research studies, including the Marketer’s Toolkit global survey of 1400+ marketing executives, plus expert analysis from WARC contributors.

After a challenging 2023, WARC Media predicts global advertising spend will double its growth in 2024, with spend expected to top $1 trillion for the first time. But as budgets rebound in 2024, uncertainty swirls around where best to direct investments in media, the role of AI in planning, and how to assess media quality.

This report is divided into four chapters looking at:

  1. Platform power in the era of AI
  2. Linear TV under the microscope
  3. The state of attention measurement
  4. The untapped opportunity of in-game advertising

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