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The Future of Media

The Marketer’s Toolkit 2023 is your guide to focus, survive and thrive. It includes a series of reports aimed at helping you identify and focus on key areas of industry disruption, determine the most effective strategies, and benefit from arising opportunities.

The Future of Media is the third release as part of this year's Marketer’s Toolkit series. Created by the team behind WARC Media, the report provides an overview of the topics set to dominate the media landscape in 2023. It focuses on three key areas:

  • Ad investment trends – Digital advertising investment has arrived at the threshold of a new era of slower growth. After years of rapidly increasing spend, marketers are planning with more caution.
  • Consumption habits – Media effectiveness is becoming harder to achieve. The need for adaptable, innovative media planning has never been greater.
  • Media industry reform – From its role in combating climate change, to the need to address a growing talent crisis, the media industry finds itself under increasing pressure to reform.

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