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Creating Cultural Advantage: How to respond to global shifts in culture

Culture acts like an invisible hand - a set of norms, artefacts, symbols, rituals and beliefs that influence how people behave, relate to themselves and the world, across different contexts. It is also a system that defines a group of people and their shared beliefs. 

Understanding culture is vital for marketing because it helps us decode how people derive meaning from their groups and interaction that drives growth and performance.

However, today’s cultural dynamics have never been more convoluting and contradictory. An ability to maneuver cultural risks and leverage opportunities is becoming a prerequisite for any brand looking to thrive in this new era.

The full report includes 4 chapters:

  • Chapter 1: A paradigm shift: Global-local dynamics
  • Chapter 2: Adapating to the new global-local dynamic
  • Chapter 3: How to stay close to culture
  • Chapter 4: Navigating cultural sensitivities 

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